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Zymogram Buffer Kit (contains KZB050, KZB040, KZB030 & KZB020)

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Zymogram Buffer Kit consists of buffers that are required to run the Zymogram gels. It includes Sample buffer, Running buffer, Developing buffer and Renaturing buffer.
• Convenient pre-made buffers to ensure high quality & consistent running result
• Provided as a concentrated solution requiring a simple dilution with DI water before use
• Gel Compatibility: Zymogram Gel
• Component and Storage
1) KZB020 Zymogram Sample Buffer (2X) : 1 year at 4°C
2) KZB030 Zymogram Running Buffer (10X) : 1 year at room temperature
3) KZB040 Zymogram Renaturing Buffer (10X) : 1 year at room temperature
4) KZB050 Zymogram Developing Buffer (10X) : 1 year at room temperature
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