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Zymogram Running Buffer (10X)

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Size 500ml
Zymogram Running Buffer is used for running protein samples in Zymogram gels.
• Convenient pre-made buffers to ensure high quality & consistent running result
• Provided as a concentrated solution requiring a simple dilution with DI water before use
• Gel Compatibility: Zymogram Gel
• Storage : 1 year at room temperature
Galla Rhois water extract inhibits lung metastasis by inducing AMPK‑mediated apoptosis and suppressing metastatic properties of colorectal cancer cells
Jeong‑Geon Mun Ji‑Ye Kee Yo‑Han Han Sullim Lee Seong‑Hwan Park Hee Dong Jeon Seung‑Heon Hong
ONCOLOGY REPORTS 41: 202-212, 2019