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EzWay PAG Protein Elution Kit V2

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Size 10T
EzWay™ PAG Protein Elution Kit V2 is used to extract and collect proteins from denaturing polyacrylamide gel after SDS-PAGE separation. This kit provides a convenient and efficient method for homogenizing gel bands directly in a micro-tube using a simple device.
• Homogenization and protein elution in a tube
• An easy and convenient system for recovering proteins from SDS polyacrylamide gels
• Protein recovery regardless of MW
• No requirement of equipment
• Simple method using a pestle and mini homogenizer
• Very fast process within 20-30 min
• Minimum elution efficiency from polyacrylamide gel is >70%

[Note] This product is not recommended for 2D purpose.
• Battery powered Mini Homogenizer
• Homogenizing Pestle Set (Pestle with 1.5ml micro-tube)
• Spin filter
• Elution buffer

Note : If you already have a Mini Homogenizer provided in this kit, you can just order EzWay™ PAG Protein Elution Refill Kit (K33015) which consists of the pestle set, spin filter and elution buffer only.
Needle in a haystack: Protein complex purification from Thermoplasma acidophilum with a phage display library
Á Hubert, 2013