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EzCell Electrophoresis System

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EzCell Electrophoresis system is used for vertical electrophoresis of one or two mini precast or handcast gels at a time. It provides fast, convenient method to seal gel/buffer core assembly in position using wedge system instead of clamps or screws only in 10 seconds.

It is manufactured with tough polycarbonate, so it is not damaged by common laboratory reagent such as alcohol. The transfer of proteins or DNA from a gel to a membrane can be done with the optional EzBlot, in the same chamber.
• Set up to Run : only 10 seconds
• Easy to Set up with Wedge System
• No clamps, No screws
• Low Buffer Volume required
• Resistance to alcohol
• Gel Capacity: Up to 2 mini gels
• Cell Dimensions: (W)14cm x (H)15cm x (D)13cm
• Upper Buffer Requirement: 200ml
• Lower Buffer Requirement: 150-600ml
• Material: Polycarbonate
• Chemical Resistance: It is not damaged by alcohol.
• Gel Cassette: 10cm x 10cm
• Thickness: 1.0mm or 1.5mm
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