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EzWay PVDF membrane, 0.22um, 7x8.4cm sheet, 20/pk

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EzWay PVDF membrane is provided for western blotting. It has strong binding affinity eliminating sample "pass-through the membrane". Pre-Cut Blotting Membranes are provided as membrane/filter paper sandwiches and ready to use for transfer and blotting experiment.
• Precut PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) transfer membrane and filter paper
• Naturally hydrophobic unsupported membrane
• Chemical compatibility allows the use of all commonly used stains
• Low backgrounds, high sensitivity
• Strong binding affinity eliminating sample "pass-through the membrane"
• BSA binding capacity is 215 ug/cm²
• Membrane Pore size : 0.22um
• Dimensions : 7cm x 8.4cm
• Filter Material: Hydrophobic PVDF