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Power Supply with Timer, 300V, 500mA

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KOMA Power Supply is equipped with an automatic restart system in case of mains failure. When the power returns, an audible alarm sounds for 10 seconds and the power automatically restarts with the previous set values. If during the power failure the electrophoresis unit is disconnected from the power supply,
the alarm still sounds when the mains supply returns. Because no load is connected the power supply will immediately shut-down and set the output to zero.

KOMA Power Supply (KE031) provides Timer and Gel saver function, so it can protect the bands in the gel from diffusion during no running.
• Timer and Gel saver (protection of the bands in the gel from diffusion during no run)
• 2 operating modes : constant voltage & constant current
• Settings by tactile switches on moisture resistant membrane panel
• 2 Red LEDs indicating the constant mode
• Direct reading of programmed set values and actual values before and during the cycle
• Automatic restart and audible alarm in case of power failure
• Automatic save of last settings
• Overload protection by shut-down
• Stabilization and automatic crossover between the parameters according to the set limitation values when output limits are reached.
• Simultaneous operation of 2 electrophoresis units