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EzWay Direct Taq PCR MasterMix w/o dye (2x)

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Size 1ml
EzWay™ Direct Taq PCR MasterMix is a premixed solution containing Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 and PCR Direct Buffer in a 1.5ml tube.
EzWay™ Direct Taq PCR MasterMix provides robust PCR performance in a wide range of PCR applications without the need for time-consuming optimization. Only primers and template DNA are added to prepare the final PCR.

EzWay™ Direct Taq PCR MasterMix allows direct PCR from all types of anticoagulant-treated bloods (heparin, EDTA, sodium citrate), plasma, serum, buffy coat, buccal swab without any DNA purification steps.
Also, EzWay™ Direct Taq PCR MasterMix can be used for direct PCR of various samples such as tissues, paraffin-embedded tissue slide or array, cultured cells, body fluids, bacteria, viruses, plants, yeast, hairs and so on.
According to experimental design, sample itself or crude lysate or DNA can be can be used as template for direct PCR. Especially, sample itself as template give naturally occurring "hot start PCR" effect without manual hot start method or hot start PCR enzyme.
• No need to purify DNA prior to PCR
• Minimizes the risk of DNA contamination during reagent handling
• Prevents the loss of trace samples in the DNA purification process
• Amplification of DNA directly from samples containing : Whole Blood, Blood Stains, Blood Cards, Buccal Swab, Saliva, Hair root, Sperm, Body Fluid, Cultured Cells, Bacteria, Viruses, and Tissues (fresh, frozen or paraffinized), Plant etc.
• Compatible with various sources of thermostable DNA polymerases
• 2X EzWay™ Direct Taq PCR Master Mix
• 4X Magic Buffer