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EzWay Hot Universal qMasterMix

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Size 1ml
2X EzWay™ Hot Universal qMasterMix is a premixed solution containing Hot Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs and the specialized reaction buffer for probe-based qPCR.
Hot Taq DNA Polymerase, a chemically modified form of Taq DNA Polymerase, sustains an inactive form at ambient temperature and activated by a 15 minutes at 95°C. Thus it provides high specificity in hot-start PCR. Also, the enzyme has 5'-nuclease activity required for some real time qPCR, e.g. TaqMan assay.
2X EzWay™ Hot Universal qMasterMix guarantees the highly specific and reproducible quantitative results. This solution does not contain ROX reference dye, which allows fluorescence normalization on cyclers, such as ABI7000, ABI7300, ABI7700, ABI7900HT, ABI7500, Stratagene Mx3000, Mx3005P, and MX4000.
• Real-time quantitative PCR of DNA and cDNA targets using fluorescent probe
• High PCR specificity
• High sensitivity
• High reproducibility
• 2X EzWay™ Hot Universal qMasterMix
• 4X Magic Buffer