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EzWay Mouse Tail Direct PCR Kit

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KOMA Biotech launched its new EzWay™ Mouse Tail Direct PCR Kit, which is designed to enable DNA amplification directly from mouse tail without DNA extraction. Just cut the mouse tail and incubate it in the lysis buffer provided in the kit for 10 minutes and then use 1ul of lysate for PCR. It doesn't require overnight incubation or Proteinase K (PK) treatment as well as DNA purification process. Direct Taq PCR MasterMix in this kit is a convenient mixture of Taq enzyme, dNTP, MgCl2, dye, additives and Direct PCR Buffer, so you can just add the tail lysate and primers, and then go for PCR. This kit will save your enormous amounts of material, cost and time from conventional genotyping methods. Also, it reduces risk of handling errors and contamination.
• Genotyping of transgenic mouse using tail or ear tissue
• Fast and simple method for genotyping without DNA purification
• Just 10 minutes incubation required
• No need to add Proteinase K
• Saving enormous amounts of material and time
• Optimized MasterMix type containing Taq enzyme, dNTP, Direct PCR Buffer, MgCl2, Red dye and additives
• Direct loading of PCR products without adding red dye
• No. of Applications : 100 reactions at 20ul PCR volume
• 2X EzWay Direct Taq PCR MasterMix
• 2.5X Mouse Tail Direct Lysis Buffer
• 4X Magic Buffer
• Positive Control
• Control Primer