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EzWay One-Step RT-PCR Universal qMasterMix

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Size 1ml
EzWay™ One-Step RT-PCR Universal qMasterMix is designed for sensitive and specific amplification one-tube reaction from total RNA transcripts. And this kit is used the 5’-nuclease process for the quantitative RT-PCR, such as TaqMan assay.
EzWay™ One-Step RT-PCR Universal qMasterMix is a premixed buffer solution containing MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and Hot Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs and stabilizers. The solution contains the proper concentration of MgCl2 and dNTPs for the better specificity and sensitivity and supplied as 2X concentrated type for convenience.
Simply add primers and RNA template diluted in DEPC-treated water into equal volume of EzWay™ One-Step RT-PCR Universal qMasterMix.
Pipetting steps are minimized, reducing the possibility of errors and contamination.
This solution does not contain ROX reference dye, which allows fluorescence normalization on cyclers, such as ABI7000, ABI7300, ABI7700, ABI7900HT, ABI7500, Stratagene Mx3000, Mx3005P, and MX4000.
• Synthesis of cDNA and sequentially PCR amplification from target gene in one-tube
• Real-time quantitative PCR of cDNA targets using fluorescent probe.
• Specialized buffer composition for highly sensitive and specific RNA amplification
• Simple set up and minimal optimization
• 2X EzWay™ One-Step RT-PCR Universal qMasterMix
• 4X Magic Buffer
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