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EzWay Plant Direct PCR Kit

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EzWay™ Plant Direct PCR Kit enables DNA amplification directly from plant leaves without DNA extraction. Punch to isolate disks of leaf tissue and incubate it in the lysis buffer provided in the kit for 10 minutes and then use 1ul of lysate for PCR. Or just leaf itself (when using 0.5 mm punched leaf disc) can be used as a template directly without lysis step. Direct Taq PCR MasterMix in this kit is a convenient mixture of Taq enzyme, dNTP, MgCl2, dye, additives and Direct PCR Buffer, so you can just add the leaf extract and primers, and then go for PCR. This kit will save your enormous amounts of material, cost and time from conventional PCR methods using mechanical disruption, organic extraction, column DNA purification, or alcohol precipitation. Also, it reduces risk of handling errors and contamination.
• Amplification of genomic DNA from plant leaves without DNA extraction
• Just 10 minutes incubation required
• No need to add Proteinase K
• Simple and fast PCR procedure requiring minimal handling
• Saving enormous amounts of material and time
• Optimized MasterMix type containing EzWay™ Taq PCR enzyme, dNTP, Direct PCR Buffer, MgCl2, Red dye and additives
• Direct loading of PCR products without adding red dye
• No. of applications : 80 reactions at 20ul PCR volume
• 2X EzWay™ Direct Taq PCR MasterMix
• 2.5X Plant Direct Lysis Buffer
• 4X Magic Buffer
• Positive Control
• Control Primer