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EzWay Protein Multicolor Ladder, 10 bands

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Size 500ul
EzWay™ Protein Multicolor Ladder is a mixture of purified proteins coupled to a blue dye that resolves 10 sharp bands during electrophoresis. It allows easy visualization of the MW of proteins and evaluation of the blotting efficiency.
• Pre-stained bands for evaluation of the transfer efficiency
• Size range : 10 proteins (10,15,20,35,40,55,70,90,140,210 kDa)
• Three different colors for easy identification : reference bands at 35kDa (red), 90kDa (yellow), 140kDa (pink)
• No lot-to-lot variation
• Ready-to-use & Easy-to-use : prediluted in loading buffer
• Contents : 500ul
• No of Application : 50 minigels (10ul each)
• Storage : 1 year at 4°C