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EzWay Protein-Blue MW Marker, 11 bands

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Size 1ml(500ulx2)
EzWay™ Protein-Blue MW Marker is an unstained protein marker for the estimation of molecular weight of sample proteins. It has 11 proteins over a wide range of molecular weight from 3.5-205kDa. Protein staining procedure is required to visualize the bands of this standard.
• Unstained protein standard for estimation of molecular weight of your sample protein
• Containes 11 polypeptides
• Molecular weight range : 3.5-205 kDa
• Ready-to-use & Easy-to-use : prediluted in loading buffer
• Extra intensity on 55kDa band for easy identification
• Two vials of 500ul each are provided
• Contents : 1.0ml (2x500ul)
• Molecular Weight Range : 3.5-205 kDa
• No of Application : 200 minigels (5ul each)
• Storage : 1 year at -20°C
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