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EzWay Protein-Silver Staining Kit

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EzWay™ Protein-Silver Staining Kit is based on the chemical reduction of silver ions to metallic silver on a protein band. This kit provides a rapid and easy method for staining proteins in polyacryamide gels. Silver staining allows detection of most proteins and it is 30-fold more sensitive then staining with Coomassie G-250. Also, this kit specially designed to provide sensitive staining compatible with mass spectrometry
• A rapid and easy method for staining proteins in polyacrylamide gels
• 30 times more sensitive than Coomassie staining method
• No background and free from dark spots
• Complete destaining of gels within 15 minutes
• Unique buffers and protocol for preparation of protein sample for MALDI-TOF-MS analysis(no glutaraldehyde included)
• No. of applications: 20 mini-gels
• Storage : 6 months at RT
• Sensitivity: Detects 0.1 ng of BSA
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