Direct PCR Guide



What is the Direct PCR?
Direct PCR technology facilitates PCR amplification directly from small amount of samples without DNA extraction and purification. It eliminates any sample pretreatment steps, so it is very useful to save time and cost, protect samples from cross contamination or loss when dealing with multiple tissue or samples by eliminating tedious genomic DNA preparation. It allows direct PCR amplification from a variety of samples including whole blood, blood collected on card, saliva, bacteria, mouse tail, tissue, cultured cells or plant etc., by neutralizing DNA polymerase inhibitors present in the samples.

LABISKOMA provides many different type of Direct PCR products. EzWay™ Direct PCR Buffer is compatible with most commercially available any DNA polymerases including Taq, Pfu, Pwo, Tth and even with any type of Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase, so you can use it together with your Taq systems that are already set up in your lab. Also, this Direct PCR Buffer is provided as a type of Direct PCR MasterMix which is already mixed with LABISKOMA Taq enzymes . Just adding your primers and template to this MasterMix, you can go directly to PCR amplification.

Advantages of LABISKOMA Direct PCR


EzWay Direct PCR Method

Conventional PCR Method

• No DNA extraction required

• Save Time and Cost

• Less Risk of DNA Contamination

• No Loss of Samples

• Compatibility with any other Taq Enzymes

LABISKOMA Direct PCR Applications

• Viral infection / Molecular diagnostic test
• Forensic DNA Analysis
• Single cell diagnostic
• Blood banking
• Identity testing
• Multiplex PCR / SNP detection / PCR-RFLP
• Sequencing / Cloning
• Laboratory Automatic PCR



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